Photo Gallery

Postcards of the Park

The three parks making up Wakefieid Park have been the subject of picture postcards in the past and here are a selection from a personal collection. 

the path to Lowe Hill min

This postcard, from between 1902-1910, shows the path up to Lowe Hill towards the old Bandstand.

In the Public Park Wakefield 1517443885

 Titled "In the Public Park, Wakefield", this postcard from 1904 shows the fountain erected in memory of Major Barker, by the workers from his Wakefield MIll.

The Bandstand Clarence Park

 This black and white postcard, from 1926, shows the new Bandstand in Clarence Park.

Holmfield House Holmfield Park

 A fine photo of Holmfield House in 1960 showing the rockery in the garden. The house was built in 1833 by Thomas Foljambe, a Wakefield lawyer, and later enlarged by Major Joseph Barker who bought it in 1864. He added a stable block, entrance lodge and boundary wall, also creating gardens and parkland. 

Wakefield Parks

 This postcard, entitled "Wakefield Parks", from 1964, shows five views of the parks - Holmfield Park, In Clarence Park, Lake Thornes Park, Holmfield House and a central picture of Thornes Park in the Spring.

Flower Garden Thornes Park

 This colour postcard from 1976 is part of a three picture postcard, showing the Cathedral, Chantry Chapel and Thornes Park.